Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Prayer That Works...

If God is in control, why should we pray and what are some kinds of prayers that worked in the Bible as people cried out to God?

These are two questions we’ve probably asked from time to time. If God controls each and every event, from the tiniest to the greatest, and has already decided what will happen, then why pray? After all, if it’s going to happen anyway, what possible difference can your prayers or mine make?

Our prayers do not change God’s will or challenge his control; but they draw us into loving fellowship with Him.

God has chosen to work in answer to his people’s prayers. He has chosen that we will be moved to pray and he will answer the prayers he has moved us to pray. Our prayers don’t mean that we cleverly get outside the sovereignty of God and pull some levers from a region beyond God’s control, and then God has to respond.

In this three week series we’ll take a look at some examples of prayers that worked for the people who prayed them and look at how God answered them according to His plan.

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  • 11.03.19 - How to Pray Like a Righteous Man - Audio and Video
  • 11.10.19 - The Power of Persistent Prayer - Audio and Video

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