Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Passion Week 2019

"The Goodness of Friday"
Good Friday Service
April 19th, 7:00pm

The Crown of Thorns, The Beating, The Nails, The Agony and all that came with His Punishment on the Cross…

How could that be GOOD?

Jesus did it all to save us. Now that is beyond Good for you and Me!

Come participate in the Lord’s Supper and be moved all over again with the price Jesus Paid. UnionChurch.Community

"Infallible Proof"
Easter Service
April 21st, 10:00am

The Roman Guard, The Graveclothes, The Stone, the Appearances and all that came with His Death, Burial and Resurrection.  

Why does all of this matter?

The Empty Tomb is the Infallible Proof that Christianity is based on!
Come Celebrate the Fact that our Savior is not dead – He is Alive! UnionChurch.Community

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