Monday, January 28, 2019

Reset...Lessons from Malachi

The Book of Malachi is structured as a seven-cycle argument between God and his people. 
Different from other prophetic books that focus on discourses, the Book of Malachi takes the form of a dialogue or argument in which God speaks and the people answer back. 
God tells the people how he expects them to live, the people respond with a cynical question, and then God expands on his original concern.
Malachi begins by telling them that God loves them with a tender, affectionate, and unconditional love. In return, our only reasonable response is to worship him with devotion and sacrifice. Anything less would be disingenuous. Unfortunately their worship had become insincere, going through the motions.
God spoke through Malachi to these apathetic and complacent people, calling them back to serious worship in chapter one. God told them, and us, what he wants in worship. As an antidote to going through the motions in worship, God expects Our Very Best!
On February 3rd, 2019 we will look at three areas where we need to allow God to Reset our thoughts, attitudes and actions about Him.
Join us at 10am in the Union Church Sanctuary in downtown Rockville, CT or online at UnionChurch.Community 

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