Wednesday, December 5, 2018

In the first series of the new year we will be talking about how to actually grow in spiritual maturity. Questions like, "Am I moving forward spiritually?" "Am I stagnant?" "Am I moving backwards?" will serve as starting points in the messages.

Maybe you have had feelings that God is disappointed in you: "You did that again?" "You’re still struggling with that?" "I thought we were past this?"  Over and over in the life of Jesus we see that He always called people to higher standard, BUT he never condemned them when they fell short.
He was the ultimate encourager. He was always cheering people on. "Get back up." "Let’s try again." "I believe in you." That’s why people were constantly flocking to him. 

Those who felt the least worthy and most rejected in this world felt the most loved and accepted by Jesus. It’s really encouraging to know that the characters in the Bible faced the same things we do. 

So, in this new series we are going to get back to the basics and trust God as He seeks to build the spiritual disciplines needed for us to continue to take the next steps in our walk with Him.

This four week series will take us through the month of January, so join in at the Sanctuary at Union Church in Rockville, CT at 10am or online at UnionChurch.Community

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