Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Forgotten Virtues...Reclaiming what's been lost in our culture

Honor. Loyalty. Integrity. Gratitude. Are they gone? Did we leave true character behind? 

Join us as we learn what we can do to restore these Forgotten Virtues. 

God is in the business of reclaiming, restoring and redeeming that which has been lost.

Forgotten Virtues Resource Guide - Download

02-05-17 - What about honor? - Presentation
02-12-17 - Where is Integrity? - Presentation
02-19-17 - What about Loyalty? - Presentation
02-26-17 - Where is my gratitude? - Presentation

1 comment:

  1. I truly believe that these virtues have seen a decline since the fall of the "Family" a union between one Man and one Woman united with God as their Guide, promoting a God honoring home and teaching their offsprings respect towards God and those in authority. In order to accomplish this we must first be born again