Monday, September 19, 2016

In the Fire - The God of "THEN" still the God of "NOW"

Do you ever feel like the characters, stories and lessons in the Bible are so far removed from your situations that the principles don't really apply? 

Well, through this 8 week series we will be encouraged to engage with what the prophets Elijah and Elisha came to know about God and His power and care in their lives as they faced huge "in the fire" situations and saw their God show up in big ways.

Our prayer is that just like then, God will become real and active and powerful in our "fire" situations as well.

So, grab a resource guide either at church, by dowloading it from this link  or by snapping the QR CODE and then listen to the sermon for the week either in the sanctuary at Union Church in Rockville at 10am or here online. 

Then connect with an "ITF" discussion group during the week and go deeper with a group of people who are also seeking God in the midst of their "fires" as well.

Through the ITF series we'll see an angry king, a devastating drought, epic opposition, and when the world was spinning out of control, 2 guys who saw their God show up huge in their lives. 

  • 10-02-16 - The Making of a man of God (1 Kings 17) - Presentation
  • 10-09-16 - Which God do you serve? (1 Kings 18) - Presentation
  • 10-16-16 - Prayer that is Effective (1 Kings 18) - Presentation
  • 10-23-16 - God's Prescription for our Depression (1 Kings 19) - Presentation
  • 10-30-16 - Elisha - Ridiculous Commitment (1 Kings 19:19-21) - Presentation
  • 11-06-16 - Elisha - Ridiculous Faith (2 Kings 3:1-24) - Presentation
  • 11-13-16 - Elisha - Ridiculous Providion (2 Kings 4:1-7) - Presentation
  • 11-20-16 - Elisha - Ridiculous Recovery (2 Kings 6:1-7 (Presentation)

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