Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hello everyone,
What a great weekend we had at church with our Thanksgiving service on Saturday night and our worship service on Sunday morning. It was a busy weekend as usual but it was such a blessing to be together with everyone as we celebrated the greatness of our God.

My prayer for all of us this week is that we reflect and praise God for who He is, What He’s done and how that has made a difference in our lives. Then, look for opportunities to share those reflections with those we come in contact with.

 As the Pligrims had much to be thankful for back in 1621, we have much to be thankful for here in 2011, let’s take the time to give Praise to our awesome God.

Next Sunday at the EM service we’ll be having Dr. Andrew Lee as our special speaker, so we look forward to having him come and minister to us this Sunday. This will be his last time with us before He re-locates to begin his new position as Senior Pastor at a church in Chicago. We’re all so appreciative and thankful for the ways in which God used Pastor Lee in our church and we’ll continue to be in prayer for He and his wife as they follow the Lord to this new destination and ministry.

Well, I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday and looking forward to hearing how God has shown Himself to be the famous one in your lives this past year and what that means as you continue to live for Him this year and beyond. The last few days I’ve been singing (in my mind and alone in my car so as not to scare anyone…haha) the song “How Great is our God” and it’s so cool to realize that the Creator of all things, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords not only knows me but loves me, has a plan for me and sent His only Son to die for me! How incredible is that?

As you ponder what you’re thankful for this week at thanksgiving I encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to this song and then read Psalm 139 and consider who you are thankful to…I know you will be encouraged and blessed just like I was.

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 Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


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