Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ghosts of Christmas Past

 New Series Beginning in December
For many, the most wonderful time of the year isn't so wonderful. A painful past or our own insecurities can overshadow the joy we’re supposed to be feeling during Christmas. 
What if this year could look different? It’s time to let God heal the Ghosts of Christmas Past.
This series deals with painful issues that the enemy uses to steal our joy and stifle our ministry. 
Won't you join in this Christmas Season as we seek the truths of Jesus together either in person at 10am at Union Church in Rockville, CT or online through FaceBook Live.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Story

"My Story" is an eight week sermon driven small group series looking at snapshots of the lives of four men and four women that God used to accomplish great things. They were real people with real issues who encountered a real God who changed everything for them.

Our story and their stories have similar themes and in this series we'll see where those themes are intersected with the unchanging God and His grace so rich and free! Great things can be expected in our lives as well.

The worship service in the Union Church Sanctuary in Rockville, CT begins at 10am or you can engage with the message online through Facebook Live on the Union Church Facebook Page

Click here to download the "My Story" booklet in pdf format or click here for the "My Story" QR Code

  • 10-01-17 - Eve...Made in the image of God - Presentation
  • 10-08-17 - Rahab - God can use anyone - Presentation
  • 10-15-17 - Naomi & Ruth - Respond to God's Call & Be Blessed - Presentation
  • 10-22-17 - Esther - When God seems absent He's there - Presentation

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Movement...A journey through the book of Acts

Summer Series 

Unlike most history books, Acts is filled with references to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 

The story simply wouldn’t have been possible without God. He started it, motivated it and gave it direction, energy, purpose, message and protection. 

God has a plan and you are a part of it, is the purpose statement at Union Church and throughout the book of Acts we will see how that purpose statement was as true and alive then as it is today in our lives.

Throughout this summer series we'll look at one of the most action packed and drama filled books in all of the Bible and we will come face to face with the star of the Show...Jesus!

Throughout the summer at 10am in the Sanctuary at Union Church in Rockville, CT we will take a look at this incredible story of the spreading of God's Fame throughout the world using ordinary people like us. We'd love to have you join in person or online at the Union ChurchFacebook page.

07-16-17 - Being the Church (Acts 1:1-11) - Presentation
07-23-17 - Is Revival Possible? (Acts 2) - Presentation
07-30-17 - Where God's Power Flows (Acts 3:1-12) - Presentation
08-06-17 - The Ministry of an encourager (Acts 4:32-37) - Presentation
08-27-17 - Standing Tall (Acts 6 & 7) - Presentation
09-03-17 - Conversion! (Acts 9) - Presentation
09-10-17 - Darkness comes before Deliverance (Acts 12:1-17) - Presentation