Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Year...New Series 
January 6th, 2019

In the first series of the new year we will be talking about how to actually grow in spiritual maturity. Questions like, "Am I moving forward spiritually?" "Am I stagnant?" "Am I moving backwards?" will serve as starting points in the messages.

Maybe you have had feelings that God is disappointed in you: "You did that again?" "You’re still struggling with that?" "I thought we were past this?"  Over and over in the life of Jesus we see that He always called people to higher standard, BUT he never condemned them when they fell short.
He was the ultimate encourager. He was always cheering people on. "Get back up." "Let’s try again." "I believe in you." That’s why people were constantly flocking to him. 

Those who felt the least worthy and most rejected in this world felt the most loved and accepted by Jesus. It’s really encouraging to know that the characters in the Bible faced the same things we do. 

So, in this new series we are going to get back to the basics and trust God as He seeks to build the spiritual disciplines needed for us to continue to take the next steps in our walk with Him.

This four week series will take us through the month of January, so join in at the Sanctuary at Union Church in Rockville, CT at 10am or online at UnionChurch.Community

Friday, November 16, 2018

Prince of Peace...Christmas 2018

For those who’ve read through the Scriptures, there are numerous names attributed to God and Jesus, each one describing a unique facet of the divine nature and Christ’s relationship to us as individuals and humanity as a whole.

 How else can we possibly begin to comprehend the vastness of Jesus’ characteristics as both entirely human and entirely the infinite God?

In this four-week series, we'll be given the opportunity to delve into God’s promises of who Christ would be born as and who He would become known as while working His ministry toward the cross and resurrection. 

Centered in Isaiah 9, the Prince of Peace series defines four names and titles used for Jesus, relating to his being born as the Christ-child: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

Not only will we discover how these names relate to prophecies of the Messiah, but also how they set apart Jesus as the Son of God in birth and as the world’s only hope for salvation. 

This series will help to anchor us in cultural and historical context while also speaking to modern society’s struggles with doubt, fear, and chaos, and how true peace is found in those who choose to follow Christ. 

Please make plans to join in person or online during the Christmas Season as we pause our business and focus on the hope that is just waiting to shine through in our lives.

The worship service at Union Church is at 10am in the Sanctuary at 3 Elm street in Rockville, CT or streaming live online or available afterwards via the message archives at UnionChurch.Community

  • 12/2 - He is our Wonderful Counselor - Audio and Presentation
  • 12/9 - He is our Mighty God - Audio and Presentation
  • 12/16 - He is our Everlasting Father
  • 12/23 - He is our Prince of Peace

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What Would Jesus Undo?

If He was editing your life, What Would Jesus Undo?

A four week series taking a good hard look at ourselves and opening up to what God has to say about what He sees.

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